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Becoming a Pistol Shooter
In order to obtain a pistol for target shooting you must satisfy both the Club and the NSW Firearms Registry that you are a suitable person to own a pistol.  

The NSW Firearms Registry administers the 1966 Firearms Act and the 2006 Regulations that control the purchase of any gun and details can be obtained from their website at

Details on how to join Bowral Pistol Club are to be found in the Joining Bowral Pistol Club page of this website.

1st Applicants complete an application form and submit the form to the Club Committee for approval.

When accepted, they are required to complete a safety training course run by the Club and to apply for a provisional licence from the NSW Firearms Registry.

They then have to record minimum of six competition shoots in the first six months, under the supervision of a Club instructor.  Club guns are available for this purpose.

Within the six months, three of the six recorded matches and a completion certificate can be forwarded onto Firearms Registry. After six months of Probationary you are able to apply for your first permit to acquire to buy your first guns.

There are constraints on the number and type of pistol that can be acquired in the first year for a Probationary licensed shooter.

If you are thinking about taking up pistol shooting, it is recommended that you come out to the range, by arrangement to have a look at our facilities provided. 
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