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Joining a Pistol Club is a bit more difficult than joining a social Club.  After all, we represent an important part of the process that allows you to own your own pistol.  As such we have to be satisfied that you are the sort of person that can be trusted with one.
It All Starts Here

How To Join

All potential new Members are required to complete an application form. A kit containing information on joining the Club and an application form is available by calling the Club Secretary on 0458 079 758


1. Submit Your Application

The completed form is sent to the Club Secretary and pay the appropriate fee. See fees section for your corresponding fee amount.

2. Your Application Is Reviewed

All applications are submitted to the next committee meeting for a detailed review and approval.

3. Apply For A Licence

Once accepted for Membership, you are then able to apply to the NSW Firearms Registry for a Probationary Licence and start the process of safety training and familiarisation with pistols that is described in the section below called ‘Becoming a Pistol Shooter’.
The Steps To Legal Gun Ownership

Becoming A Pistol Shooter

In order to obtain a pistol for target shooting, you must satisfy both the Club and the NSW Firearms Registry that you are a suitable person to own a pistol.

The NSW Firearms Registry administers the 1966 Firearms Act and the 2006 Regulations that control the purchase of any gun and details can be obtained from their website at


1. Submit Your Application Form

Applicants complete an application form and submit the form to the Club Committee for approval. Upon approval, pay the fee and will be informed of official joining date, Club Member number and offered Safety Training Course date.


2. Do The Safety Training Course

When club membership is accepted, applicants are required to complete a safety training course run by the Club

3. Apply For Your NSW Firearms License

Apply for a provisional licence from the NSW Firearms Registry.

4. Participate In Competition Shoots

They then have to record minimum of three competition shoots in the first six months, under the supervision of a Club instructor.  Club guns are available for this purpose. Within the six months, three matches and a completion certificate can be forwarded onto Firearms Registry.


5. Complete Your Probationary Period

After six months of provisional licence probationary period has passed, you are able to apply for your first full permit to acquire and buy your first pistol. For your PTA your will need the club approval number: 403897182.

Acquire a safe and apply for inspection where you will receive an Event Number – please submit this to the club.

Ownership Limitations

There are constraints on the number and type of pistol that can be acquired in the first year for a Probationary licensed shooter. See the NSW Firearms Registry website for more informaiton.

Visit Us Before Making Any Decisions

If you are thinking about taking up pistol shooting, it is recommended that you come out to the range, by arrangement to have a look at our facilities provided.
Bowral Pistol Club Is A Non-Profit Organisation

Membership Fees

Bowral Pistol Club is affiliated with the Amateur Pistol Association and all Members pay an annual Capitation Fee of $105.00 which is included in the amounts described below. If joining during the year, annual fees are calculated at $175/half yearly.


Full Membership

$50 Joining Fee

$350 Annual Fee

Family Membership

$50 Joining Fee

$350 First Full Membership

$250 Second Full Membership

$150  Third & Thereafter

Associate Membership

$50 Joining Fee

$250 Full Membership (No Capitation)


Pensioner Membership

$50 Joining Fee

$250 Annual Fee

Junior Membership

$50 Joining Fee

$150 Annual Fee

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